Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Flies...

Continuing to crank out more and more flies. With Christmas Break coming up, I'll likely get a lot of flies tied. Stocking up for next year! Here's a few of the most recent:

Para BWO on curved shanked hook

Another BWO Nymph

Olive Thread Midge


Owl Jones said...

Tyler, those are some amazing ties! On the thread midge - I can't seem to get fish to come to them. Perhaps I'm fishing them wrong? Do you fish those just under the surface normally, or like a nymph, near the bottom? Thanks!

Tyler Legg said...

Appreciate it Owl! Try fishing thread midges behind a larger nymph. A #12 Stone or Pheasant Tail Nymph as the lead fly will grab their attention. Usually, picky trout will settle for the smaller midge (point fly) trailing behind.

Anonymous said...

I fish with a similar fly. I typically fish it as close to a rocky cliff as possible I also weight the line with a small split shot and use a strike indicator to tell when the fish is on. It is almost as if the fish are feeding off the rock.