Saturday, January 22, 2011

More snow, so more fly tying...

More snow is possibly on the way Tuesday/Wednesday, so I've been doing more fly tying. Here's a few patterns I've been cranking out. Still digging the Nymph Skin. Excellent stuff. Easy to use and produces very realistic bodies. Highly recommend it!

The Parachute Extended Body Inchworm. A variation of my standard EBI.

Grub w/ Nymph Skin

Cranefly larvae w/ Nymph Skin.

Thread Midge. A coating of super glue gives it a glassy appearance.

Quill Gordon. It's a sparse fly. Not much of a body, but the footprint on the water's surface is fantastic.


Bill Trussell said...

Awesome ties---do you add any wire to the under belly of the nymphs to get them down in the water column quicker? You guys are getting some kind of snow in that area. I am ready for spring.

Tyler Legg said...

Hey Bill,

I actually put some wire on the grub, but not on the midge and the cranefly larvae. Those are too small. To get them down deep, you just have to put some shot on the leader of use them as droppers behind a heavier fly. Both the cranefly larve and the midge work very well on tailwaters of spring creeks.

Yeah, we've had a lot of snow this year! This time around, the mountains will get clobbered. Looks like just rain for us in the Charlotte area, which is a first this winter. We've seen much more snow than rain. We need it though The drought is progressively getting worse. The more rain we receive, the better off we are in the spring, summer, and fall.

Anonymous said...

Man, those are awesome! what's the thorax material on the that foam or....?
Nice photos of the flies, too.

Tyler Legg said...

Thanks Jeff! The thorax is 2mm foam. Really helps keep the fly afloat. Anxious to test it out when the QGs start hatching in March!