Monday, November 15, 2010

A couple of hairballs...

 BWO Emerger
When you first start to see hatching Blue Winged Olives, switch to a BWO Emerger. When a hatch begins, fish key onto the emergers before they do the adults. Cast an emerger upstream and allow it to swing downstream, slowly working the fly to the surface.
  Hook: Orvis Curved Nymph Hook
Thread: 8/0 Olive
Body: Olive rabbit dubbing.
Ribbing: Copper wire
Tail: 3 split pheasant tail fibers
Shellback: Pheasant tail fibers
Legs: Remaining pheasant tail fibers from
shellback (hard to see in this picture).
Gills/Thorax: Aftershaft feather from a pheasant skin.

Rhyacophila Caddis Pupa
Caddis are extremely important insects on a trout stream. They are available to trout most times of the year. If a caddis dry doesn't work, a quick switch to a caddis pupa will often work.
Hook: TMC2457
Thread: Olive or black 6/0
Underbody: Caddis green dubbing
Overbody: Scudback
Ribbing: Copper wire
Legs: 6 brown biots
Thorax: black dubbing
Antennae: 2 wood duck flank fibers


Unknown said...

Im loving the new blog Tyler. A great addition to the THFF site. FYI I poached a fly for a 12-1-10 post. Thanks

jeff said...

Tyler, I'm new to your sites, but already decided to add THFF to my "outdoors" blogroll. Excellent stuff, sir.

I've enjoyed much success tying and fishing some of Dave Hise's flies, learnt from his tying videos at the Casters website. So, I'm wondering, will you be doing any tying demos on video? I want to learn to tie your GVR Stonefly...Or, have I not looked hard enough in the archives for it?


Tyler Legg said...

Thanks guys! Appreciate the kind words and feedback!

Jeff- I made one a while back, though it's not the best of quality and I didn't commentate. Here's the link...

I may put a video together w/ commentating. Just threw that one together in a short amount of time!