Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A few great fall time patterns...

Legg's BWO Emerger- A pinch of Zelon and 3 Microfibett tails creates the trailing nymphal shuck, imitating an emerging BWO.

Galloup's Zoo Cougar- One of my all time favorite streamers. If you've never fished one, you should!

Rusty Midge Emerger- Those are dryer sheets for the wings.

Rust Midge dry

No-Name streamer as of now. It's a great fall time/big fish catcher.

Legg's Giant Vinyl Rib Stone- Heavy and realistic. A real fish catcher

And of course the San Juan Worm. A fall time killer! During heavy rains, worms are flushed into the river where trout are waiting.